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Diet Tips For Acne Prevention

Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder characterized by pimples, redness, whiteheads, blackheads and infections. Acne usually occurs on the face because our face is more exposed to air borne bacteria. Our skin has clogged pores and the bacteria get trapped in the skin pores. These bacterial infestations in the skin pores induce the release of white blood cells (macrophages). Macrophages eat these bacteria. The whole process of immune system fighting against bacteria results in skin areas going red and formation of pimples.

A good and healthy diet can play an active role in preventing acne formation (also read: best acne treatment). This is because of the fact that our skin needs nutrients in order to maintain good health. People who don’t take healthy diet often experience skin-related problems because their skin suffers due to lack of essential nutrients.

Which nutrients are associated with healthy skin?
Nutrients that are essential for good and healthy skin can be divided into two main categories:
Micro nutrients
Macro nutrients

Micronutrients: These include vitamins and minerals. Out of all the vitamins, Vitamin A is considered as the most important and essential vitamin since it keeps skin healthy and prevents acne formation. However, vitamin A does not work alone since vitamin B-2 acts as a coenzyme factor. Vitamin B-2 actually converts vitamin A into its active and non-toxic derivatives. The bottom line is that you have to make sure that you take adequate amount of vitamin B-2 along with vitamin A in order to maintain a good healthy skin. Other essential micronutrients include vitamin B-3, B-6 and zinc.

Macronutrients: These include proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Proteins are very essential not only for our skin but for entire body. Our muscles are 98 % proteins. Almost all the physiological mechanisms including immune system rely on proteins and therefore, you need to have a diet sufficient of good proteins in order to maintain not just health of skin but overall health as well.
Carbohydrates include sugar and sweet foods. However, it should be noted that excessive intake of carbohydrates is very harmful. Higher intake of carbohydrates is associated with acne formation along with diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity.

We need to have fair amount of fats in our diet. Fats provide fatty acids. Our digestive enzymes break the dietary fat into fatty acids. Fatty acids are essential for hormones and nerve transmitters.
Dietary recommendations for acne prevention
Following tips will be helpful in preventing your skin from acne formation:

• Drink plenty of water as it is the first thing you can do to take care of your skin.

• Take enough vitamin A in your diet. Carrots, Beet greens, pumpkins, and root vegetables are great source of vitamin A.

• Try to eat eggs, milk, soybeans, yogurt, spinach and almonds as they are healthiest foods rich in vitamin B-2.

• Vitamin E protects your skin from ultraviolet light and maintains good skin health. Intake of vitamin E can be achieved by eating spinach, almonds, sunflower seeds, papaya, mustard greens, collard greens and bell peppers.

• 200 mg of Lipoic acid three times a day can regulate the glucose metabolism and maintain the health of your skin. Lipoic acid is found in various foods including red meat, spinach, potatoes, carrots, beets and yeast.

• Zinc is essential for healthy skin. Chocolates, lamb (mutton), mozzarella, cheddar cheese and peanuts are good source of zinc.

• Magnesium is very vital mineral for healthy skin. Green vegetables are good source of magnesium. Likewise, nuts, peanuts, soy milk, whole wheat bread are also rich in magnesium.

• Chromium is yet another essential mineral that prevents acne formation. Concentrated foods sources of chromium include potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cereals and whole grains etc.
Acne affects people of all ages especially teenagers. People seem to spend lot of money in buying medications and lotions to treat acne. However, like many other diseases, acne is also totally controllable by natural methods. Herbal acne treatment kits are very effective in treating acne. Likewise, you can prevent acne formation by adopting adequate dietary practices. In short, you can keep your skin healthy, glowing and acne free by simply incorporating green vegetables, grains and other healthy food in your diet.


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